Sunday, 19 March 2017

Learning new words and concepts...

As I am a great fan and advocate of my mother tongue, thinking it the most beautiful language I have ever come across and at a constant peril from morons and poorly educated "cultural" workers constantly using foreign words to articulate their fucking 'pro' message across, and of course all of those who have THE ONE job and that is to propagate the language and they don't even know how to use the grammar properly ... Well, I complain every time at everyone whom I come across who fails to respect it and insists on still being called a person of culture. In short, a Grammar Nazi.

But because my love affair with the language is only ever growing, I make sure to learn new words all the time. Not sit down and scoop them out from a dictionary, but read and talk about things which will teach me words I haven't previously been aware of. Sometimes they are completely common and everybody else already knows them since ever. Yet sometimes nobody knows them and I am spellbound by joining the elite club of those who quite coincidentally figured them out.

One such word is "mrč", which is in reference of small, thin smoke or mist - my brother taught me this one, saying in his region some of the villages are called "mrčne vasi" - smoky/misty villages. We've not been able to find out where this descriptive term stems from.
Another word is glacial moraine -"ledeniška morena". I've heard of it, but I did not understand it.
Htonic - htonski - means underground, often in relation to light deities who otherwise reside under the earth
And "žitje" - a poetic word for life, being alive. I'm putting that together with "ruj" and "slamoreziti" as it's by the same poet :D

The concept I am diving in today, though, is "public mental health". That is a curious concept to consider. I am glad somebody is considering it.