Sunday, 26 March 2017


Spent an excellent day (as a tourist, no less!!) in Vienna! I'll tell you all about it as soon as I fix my stacked-to-the-gills C: disk, which is what happens if you leave the teenager home alone with your computer... Someone needs to teach this kid which porn sites are safe to use and which not. Amateur hour, seriously. 

 ... While I was gone
a) G's dad received a new shipment of bees and got stung 15 times - but he likes it, because bee venom is also a painkiller and then his arm hurts less..(don't try that at home)
b) G was asked an important personal thing
c) Someone called the cops on my parents (because the dog was out)
d) Mother's day happened and G&the kid drove roses around to our family women (Very unusual)
e) they started renovating Gran's retirement home and she desperately needs ear plugs
f) somebody murdered my entire box of Ferrero Roches

... I can't leave these people alone for five minutes.