Monday, 13 March 2017

Ah, my body is so melodramatic! YES, I know we've just spent two days helping dad out in the vineyard, but you have to understand - of all the parts that could be aching, only one spot feels like someone is standing on my hand: the ring finger metacarpus and hemate/triquetral joint... I'm wearing a bandage to keep it warm and tight. Because, guess which part of Goose I'm writing about these days? ... Yes, the part in which Pixie gets stabbed in her hand and her ring finger metacarpus gets broken ... 

:D Psychosomatic attention whoring for the win :D

('Twas lovely, though, the two days uphill with everyone helping around. Even though my sister ordered several trees cut down and I still don't dare bring Lyra up from fear of being assassinated by Emi :)) Weather kept blinking from super sunny to 'fuck me but this is cold wind' and the argument du jour was how very healthy smoking is and saying it's not is just governmental conspiracy ... Ahhhh, brother. G went out to nap in the garden and I followed him to laugh at how sis's dog kept bringing its fetch stick to his feet, then staring at him for ages at a time, desperately while G snored gently... :D )