Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sharpie forgeries

Heh. I used my sharpie to draw the stamp seal on the postcard I wrote to G and yesterday failed to find a slot for (I was counting on the pee stop restaurant and when I finally did find a mail box, the driver locked down the bus and was nowhere to be found until it was too late). So, since the postcard was ready, but was not going to be properly mailed, I "forged" the seal and just delivered it myself, citing the fact I used to be a post(wo)man myself, so I wasn't doing anything against Hermes.

G': "Nice postcard. The carriage line looks like they're defeated French chevaliers retreating from Moscow."
     "Right, but did you notice the stamp seal is a forgery?"
    "No, it's a good forgery. Except you spelled Wien wrong, failed to add the time of the day and that's nowhere near the area code for Austrian towns. except that it's spot on."
    "I ... KNEW those numbers were supposed to represent something, but I didn't know what they were so I just made them up."
     "Except that it's spot on. Well done."