Wednesday, 1 March 2017

"My so called gay wedding"

Big news around is this country’s first gay marriage, such as it was. It wasn’t a real wedding by any means, the two redneck dykes seemed to exhibit zero interest in the ritual or the institution, but at least they were two marginally young chicks and not two old men, which would have been a PR nightmare, right? Well, the opinions on this subject are very split. I mean mine. I don’t care about anybody else.

First off, the gays are now seemingly allowed to marry, BUT only to shut them up – they still lack a certain amount of given rights you are supposed to have when you are married – such as adoption or in vitro fertilisation by third-party donor. Soooo… it is a TINY step forward and not much else? I agree double standards blow and should not exist. It either is marriage or it’s not. Make up your fucking mind, constitution.

On the other hand, by looking at the two women who ‘got married’ in casual clothes and sneaker shoes, do not strike me as people even I would allow to adopt a child and I will always believe single mothers ruined an entire generation of millennials by raising morons who don’t know how to tie their expensive shoes, yet alone make a good decision that involves anyone but themselves.

I’ve been surrounded by gay people my whole life – I’ve BEEN half gay for the better part of my adult life – and I can safely say I fucking hate most of the people I’ve met who actively represent the LGBT community anywhere. They are the worst. The worst of ‘give me, give me, I want, I deserve, I demand!’ culture that sickens me. ‘I’m a victim, I’m suffering, I am not treated equally!...’

You are none of these things unless there is someone listening, darling. I know plenty gay couples who live incredibly lovingly, normally and deserve the same amount of respect as any other straight couple – and NOBODY is bothering them, ever. You will not see those at televised rallies, because they don’t blame “society” for their problems. If they argue, fuck up, cheat, fight, mess up at work, pull some ego crap that gets them defeated, it is because they are human, not gay. If they try to have a child it is because something in their life felt appropriate to bring another human being into this world, not because it would cement their political statement and they need a poster baby for their mental cause, so others would talk about them.

In short – I think anyone who is in love (for more than two months and shares more than daddy issues) and can see them growing old together, should marry. Marriage is fucking awesome. To belong to someone who has faith in you and can’t wait to see you at the end of the day is the only feeling worth fighting for.

But don’t reproduce if you don’t know what the fuck you are doing and it is the only thing about you that will ever make sense. Not if you’re a guy, girl, faggot, dyke, trans, neither, whatever. If you are a mess, if you will continue to be a mess until they put you in the ground, for the love of condoms, do not reproduce. There are enough messed up people on this planet. I never reproduced because I prefer to be alone and do not wish to share my husband with a kid and the selfish little imbecile parasites annoy me. There are couples who are AMAZING parents and I deeply respect them for it, but I am not one, so I only tried to reproduce once – to make my life meaningful, no less – and I would now be a single mother raising a socially-inept freak.

Someone up there fortunately saw it for the lunacy of youth that it was and prevented it.

So … It is interesting we got as far, and I do wish the discrimination would end quickly. But y’all screaming ‘respect me’ – if you want the institution, learn to respect the fucking institution. Otherwise you’re only doing this to get attention, in which case you’ll be divorced in five years, in which case - fuck you. Get your priorities straight.