Monday, 20 March 2017

New "non" words

I've been encouraged to also make a post about words in English language, but since English is not my native language finding new words isn't a weekly occurrence but often hourly. I have several small notebooks I write them down in and later aim to add them to my writing appropriately.) That said, I am quite fond of yibber-yabber which not only have I learnt of only recently, but which have only been around for a few months or years, top. They aren't really words, but they can be awfully cute :D 

Bedgasm - falling into bed after a fucking long day and there is hope again
Carcolepsy - condition for people who instantly fall asleep in cars
Mantrum - grown men acting like little kids when they can't have something
Dudevorce - an end of a bromance
Columbusing - "discovering" something that's been there since ever
Texpectation - sending a text and then staring at the phone for response
Askhole - someone who keeps bothering people with dumb questions (me, basically, in any classroom)
Sheeple - sheep peeps
Nonversation - self explanatory
Humblebrag - someone acting humble but über bragging
Youverse - when you are the God, gravity and all Life in your own universe 
Slactivism - being an activist with minimum effort - usually by trolling or clicking on-line