Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Holy cow, now THAT was a proper storm ... I only just barely managed to return from the shopping mall where I bought a new sketch pad - it takes 25 minutes to walk to the mall and the air was so thick it made me dizzy - when the rain came down and then some. It blew and poured so heavily a piece of concrete tore from the skyscraper at the end of the street and hit the shingles on the building opposite of me. Soon enough we had to unplug all our toys from the grid and I sat on the window sill, reading Blades of Grass, on the look-out for any signs of hail, so we'd re-park the car. It was too dark to do anything else; the sketch pad had to wait. But I later sketched ten pages of test material, choosing 'Last conversation between Kay and Goose' as the subject. It should be an easy trial, as the two mainly just walk around and talk issues thorough the English midnight landscape. 

Ironically, now that it's just drizzling, the rain also brought the air back and the world is breathable again.