Sunday, 4 February 2018

All the money in the world

Watched All the Money in The World ... I've never hated classical art before. It's portrayed as a villain here. It seems cheap and ugly. The movie tries several times to make you feel something other than disgust for the old man, but it's just not coming. Marky Mark was an odd casting choice - I'd have rather seen anyone else in that role, but everyone else was good. Especially the replaced Kevin Spacey - that old guy was a diiiiiick. We're talking Denethor-level diiiiick. This was such a messed up situation. I dunno how often the word money is used - as the crazed drive that drives Americans - but it's often and I don't know whether it's our socialist upbringing or just ... I dunno, but most of the people I know wouldn't do much for money. There's just nothing I could buy I don't already have with money. What? A slightly newer car? Another dog? I don't really need anything more in life other than more books and more buttons - everything else I know how to make money for or do without (travel, post photos on Internet, chase my idiotic cats around the house when they steal my socks....)

Had I been the woman, in the end, I'd have packed small neat packages of C4 around that fucking house, step aside a little and spit my rage onto the fuse.I guess in the real world donating it all to the museums is just as well. 

Romain Duris was great, though. I haven't seen him since Populaire. He brings it.