Thursday, 22 February 2018

Velenje castle expo opening

It hooked me immediately - there was a buttons industry in the Šaleš valley exhibition by a young custodian wanna-be announcement - I was hooked immediately. My 2018 lent is no buying buttons for 40 days. Fuckidy fuck. There was a heavy snowfall in the morning and I woke from my nap after lunch heavily dizzy and nauseated. It's just the weather. It wasn't going to stop me.
    Hopping on the bus, less than an hour's drive and some new Pokemon found along the way, I marched uphill onto the castle where my grandmother used to play. It took me a while, because I read all the info posters along the way. I now know there is a starvation pit under the main hall in the castle. The castle itself is a quaint, curious thing, you can tell the people who designed it weren't sure if they want to be popular with their parties or effective against the Ottoman invasions ... I haven't been there in a while, so I poked around a bit. I found as far as the renovated tavern bit and renovated haberdashery. The expo on the buttons itself was cool, informative and there were cookies shaped as buttons, of course :D After an hour or so I rolled downhill again, back on the bus, to catch G before he leaves for work. The last photo is a massive statue of Tito, our once-was benevolent dictator, few of them still left in existence. His coal mining reforms led to great industrial revolutions and the economy boomed tenfold for these parts, the coal supplying the rest of Yugoslavia at the time. I thought it adorable the statue still stands. Usually they melt those in a hurry after regimes change.