Monday, 26 February 2018

Bahh :/

WHY do my fucking legs hurt so much, why why WHYyyyyy?? Yes, I know I'm fat and old and I haven't climbed anything all winter, but whyyyyy? There is no justice in the world. If there was any justice in the world, after two hikes on tiny hills, I should have already lost 15 pounds, gained stamina and my old winter pants would suit me. Why can the dog look like a vanilla ninja and not me?


Well, I can tell it frustrates me, because I keep fighting with the General when he laughs at my plans (who does he think he is, God?). As much as I love that man for allowing me to get rid of my hair, I fucking hate him for laughing at me, knowing full well how most of my plans drop. 

Most. But some day. Some day. I know I am unusually afraid of shit lately. Not scared or paranoid, but just - I am discouraged by the concept of hassle small disasters bring. I'm not that much afraid of dying for stupid reasons, because that shit can happen to anyone anywhere. I mean small shit. Snakebite. Twisting an ankle. The fucking dog getting messed up by another dog. Crossing a border and breaking my leg in a place where I do not have insurance. Stupid stuff that just wastes time and money. 

Okay, but I am fighting against it, don't get me wrong. Now, that I have most certainly marked and peed on the exact tent I desire (Gossamer Gear the Two for the two door anti-condensation strategy and a little bit of extra room in case you ever need to cot a zero), I've seen the ridiculously ultra-light backpacks, ranging similar prices as the Ospreys everyone's been telling me about. And, lo and behold - my very Gossamer Gear site has the exact freaking backpack I could ever possibly desire: The Kumo. 550 grams, waterproof, daypack or for UL hikers. Hot Legs's base weight was 6 pounds on a trail. That is sick. I want to find that.

Even if it means only bringing a few pages of stuff I wanna draw, read and write, and one button. (Normally I carry the whole glass bottle of them. Not the point. You can't be too lucky.)

I may even have it down to the quilt and mat ... But I'm working on it. A 850g tent, 550g backpack, 550g sleeping bag - if I can get the to ship it here, and some tiny mat, stove and pot. The rest is optional. 

Don't ever bring on an UL hike what you think you may requite. Only ever bring items you KNOW you will need. And I've already decided to avoid cold places. I love walking in cold - it's in the teens now, and when the wind picks up it's hurtful to be alive. I love it. Dog, too. But it would likely kill us to fall asleep in faulty gear like that. So no. I'm a late spring and summer kinda girl. Bug nets and big hats. 

Uu, and I found my next shoe! Another thing I have pursued intuitively all my life, I just didn't know they exist on an open market: the zero drop wide toe-box trail runners called: Altra Lone Peak 3.5. Plus the gaiters that come with them. Dunno what those are, but they sound fun :D
Somehow I've always known to buy one size too big and look for the biggest toe box possible. I just didn't know you can get that for real.