Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Taking it chill this week. G is on leave, though with him it's usually sick leave, as he is one of those alpha idiots who only get sick on leaves.. He's got the sniffles, but of course that's Man Flu, the only illness worse than cholera or ebola, so most of my plans to go hiking over snow-covered wonderlands have fallen through. He's studying, though, and from time to time he takes naps in hot boiling water in the bathtub while I read him Moomins. February 8th is our national culture day, meaning all museums are free to enter and this time we’ve plans to go check out what Petovia lot have been up to. Rockstar is coming, too, as I think that was the first museum we went to together, some 11 years ago. He was, like, 8 or so :D Partially the attitude  got from the elder women of the last shoot has discouraged me, which is just as well. Winter is not for photos. I’m drawing on. Partially the attitude I got as feedback for the sketches has discouraged me from the drawings as well, but I have such big plans for the payment coming. I just can’t decide! What will it be? A glorious ultralight 1-woman tent? A new camera bag? The other half of studio set-up? Ahhh, so much can go wrong when you plan, so muuuuch! The bank across the street got robbed. I'm watching old silent movies. Like is as usual, bleak midwinter mode.
The dog’s a little sick, too. I think she ate snow and got a tummy ache. She seems to be getting better, but she’s still despondent, bordering on obedient. It’s scary. 

Petovia old castle museum, around a decade ago :D