Saturday, 17 February 2018

Shark week alert :D

LoL, our bodies. I'm dreaming I'm Claire Underwood from House of Cards, wearing a red dress. The husband guy gets shot and his secretary old guy and myself smear ourselves with the blood to fake ourselves being shot as well. The old secretary guy even kind of fakes getting between my legs to abuse my corpse before his time is up. I'm waking up slowly, the body constantly - constantly, sending me the : red alarm ... RED alarm ... which part of REEED alarm don't you get? :D

I haven't had my period in half a year, so right now I'm on my way to the bathroom, leaving a trail like I'm stabbed :D It's gonna be one of those that feel almost unnatural anyone can survive this. That said, body, dreams, thank you. The bed's been almost saved :D You did great.