Thursday, 8 February 2018

Almost made it to Poetovia :D Almost! (Got snowed in :D )

We made it to the charterhouse... Hermes was signalling us hard - or was just messing with us - you never know with these little fuckers :D  First we stopped to help a woman, whose car got sent off the road and onto snow, and when the wheels finally touched ground a massive spray of muddy snow was sent all over the General. We drove on and saw another car in the ditch. It began to snow some more. We broke the exhaust pipe off the car (now sounds like a Porsche :p ), then finally decided to turn and go see G's parents. I took some pickies of the winter forest :D It was majesty. Once we got home, though, the sun of course began to shine and the roads melted. That's field trips for ya.