Thursday, 1 February 2018

I almost did a good deed today … But then I panicked. An older man was at the store in front of me, buying a very small piece of chicken meat… In fact, he asked the butcher to cut the small piece in half and then wrap up the smaller half. I stood there, thinking of the time we were so fucking poor that at the end of the month we ate old potato our parents gave us. I twirled a 2 euro coin – the price of the chicken meat – in my pocket, thinking what to do. I had three options.
1 – slip the coin into the man's pocket. But. Someone could see me and think I was trying to pickpocket the poor guy.
2 – tap the man on the shoulder and say – excuse me, sir, I believe you dropped this. But. He would probably argue in honesty and then someone completely different would insist they were the ones who dropped it.
3 – I could pay the man's tap in advance at the cashier. But. The woman at the cashier – I’ve had bad experience with her before and I didn't think she would either understand me or do as she promised…
So …. Thinking of the words ‘no good deed goes unpunished,’ I let the moment pass.