Sunday, 11 February 2018

I am in suuuuch bad shape :D Fat, slow, getting older by the minute … My ear aches, my ankle tendon won’t unclench, my knees are shit … The moment I decide to hike somewhere, everything starts to hurt. If I just go on a dog walk, then it’s perfectly fine. Or a five hour hunt. Or an hour one way to McDonald’s. But a small hike? I feel as if I’m about to come apart at the seams.
Today was a brilliantly beautiful morning – it wasn’t announced, so it pleasantly surprised me. G was away on a meeting and I thought: perfect weather to test my latest ‘overdoing it’ gift – ‘city crampons’. I grabbed the dog, packed some snacks and bought a warm vitamin juice, then offed to the most frequented hill in the area. Granted, most people drive right up to the edge of it and then drive back home once they descend, but I was fine warming up for those 20 or so minutes, listening to pompous epic music :D I didn‘t take the camera, because it was too cold. Didn’t play the wee Pokemons during, either :P
Such a lovely walk. Starbark sort of kind of helped to pull me up, as much as a beagle can drag a 200 pound meatball, and I had one trekking pole, since I lent dad the other. That was a good combo. When the north-facing parts of the path were slippery from ice, the crampons were awesome. I got up without a hitch and sat down to have tea, but the waitresses were busy with hundreds of other people, hikers and skiers. Way down was slightly more trying, because uneven steps of crampon-enforced shoes test your ankles further and mine are already touchy. I was super tired by the time I got down and after a while G came to get me. I told MyMaja how old ladies sped past me up and down, some literally jogging on ice – sans crampons! – on a 45 degree terrain, and she said – yeah, they always do that, everybody knows that.
So ye, I need to get in better shape. I need to do all those hikes I told everyone I will do two years ago. Following the discussions of FB groups, people venture out to such lovely places, so carefree. Just walk, explore, pitch their minute ultralight shelters, then carry on until they get bored, when they go home. I always go so desperately, planning so hard it brings me to nigh tears when something goes amiss.. Wish Starbark wasn’t as a neurotic dog – I’d love to have her along, but she won’t let me sleep outdoors and if we meet a dog out in the farmlands, it’s usually very unpleasant :/