Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Horror behemoths ...

Slowly - it takes me three or four days to manage through it, reading tons of material about the film, watching loads of videos debating them - I'm working my way through the giants of psycho horror... I'm just done with the Shining and have began Clockwork Orange ... (Ye, my Kubrick phase, it would seem, though I never really warmed up to his pompous convoluted opera ... ) The General gets angry with me if he catches me, aware I reap the worst nightmares for stretching my empathy to these lengths - because I really do get invested and these worlds and moments freak me out, but ... I'm exercising dividing my perception from that of a victim to that of an investigator of a wrongdoing. The difference is skin, penetrated. There is a world on the outside of skin and the world on the inside and I need thicker skin.