Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Just out there ... (well, inside, since it's really hot.)

I always forget how very treated the water in the capitol is -  look down on my arms and legs and I'm pale with dry skin. Back home I shower daily, never using any kind of products at all, no soaps, no gels, no creams, nothing, and my skin is perfect. But I always forget, so I come here with just a toothbrush and then wonder if olive oil is a good idea, if you're gonna sweat all day, and you only brought one extra shirt... O.o Nasty.

I'm here for the week. So far the weather has been lovely; I go out on my dog schedule: used to waking up early and coming back from the walk before eight, when it starts to scorch. Yesterday we drove just a few minutes outside the city to the coolest of gorges: a miniature river, only enough to swim in a little, brilliant and icy cold, white rocks with moss, pebble shore patches, surrounded by tall white rocks and old dark trees, willows and oaks. In the eve I put on music (Oddly in the mood to listen to Kids See Ghosts, if you can adam and eve that.) and chase Pokemon all over the city, rocking the new 'friends' feature that has you sending gifts to random strangers in return for gifts from them, which give you rares and shineys and some extra goodies. It's so damn cute I can't wait to go outside again, just to turn my 4 mile walk, crack open some special 7km eggs (finally collected 1480 coins to purchase 12 hot incubators - took me a month to get there and two days to burn through them ... :D ) and collect new gifts from stops. It's idiotic, but I make 10 miles a day just because of it. I take my camera, but street performances are plenty and lots of crowds, which I am mildly averse of. 

Though I did get an urge to do a shoot with soap bubbles... Soap bubbles are awesome, if you get the light right. Maybe car lights, from an SVU? Ideas and inspiration come plentiful when I'm out here. I had a moment where I genuinely needed to invent a word to express my feelings ... I am still working on it still, meanwhile having coined the term 'ghostbirth' - indicating the moment when you realise something happened which will have strong and long lasting consequences... The professor has left me her laptop to use and watch YouTube, but the bullet journal is coming nicely along, to.

On a strict diet of ice-cream and cold salads, and lots and lots of coffee, I'm waiting for my sneakers to dry because the sandals are beginning to give me blisters. That'll fucking teach me to wade upriver in running shoes. I mean, don't get me wrong - it was awesome. I wouldn't get out for hours, it was so nice. But it would have made a whole more sense in sandals. 

On the subject of particular words, watching Shane Dawson cover the aftermath of Tanacon. There's a schadenfreude for you right there... 

I read Clockwork orange on my way here with a train (and a supertrain, no less, because they forgot to arrange a connection for our late arrival and allowed us to board the intercity out of embarrassment ... (not a fan.)), so I was freaking about about street violence for the first few days, but then I am so charged with fascination of the after-VVitch editorial of long-haired, bearded, hairy-chested and dimly-lit W. Chaudhry, all I can chase is student Pakistani-looking tourists, sitting in the evening coffees, drinking beer and having diner with their posh American friends. Mad world. My brain, I mean :D