Friday, 6 July 2018

Okay, so the story goes like this: (in this story. History is a little different, but by now we know nobody can know what really happened, so the more drama the better...)
        Herman II, a 14th century count, is trying to stabilise his realm by wedding his clever daughter to a Hungarian king and his son to a Croatian princess, and so on - he played that game well. From the North a young but ambitious royal family of the Habsburgs is baring teeth and from the south relentless waves of Turks keep spilling into Europe, which he is trying to blockade. The firstborn, like all privileged players, fucks around and acts like a dick most of the time, hating on his father, hating on his wife, hating on his job. He takes any excuse he can think of to do so, and finds comfort in hunting and drinking and chasing chicks. At one point he runs into a minor nobleman vine-maker's daughter called Veronika. Whether she's an innocent kid or a conniving gold-digger, nobody will ever know. But this is how the royal bloodline ends: Friderik can't quit on Veronika, so his wife calls her close to be a maid-in-waiting. Elisabeth - his wife - figures he'll tire of the biddy and make a couple more kids with her, since thus far they only have a mild boy called Ulrich II. Her temper grows, however and - in this story - she curses her inability to challenge the rival to a dual, instead she challenges her to drinking a poisoned cup - one of two in a deadly game of chance. Unfortunately the desperate plan backfires and she is the one to die, while Friderik and Veronika flee, wed and try to pretend life is okay while as guests at another castle. But the army of Elisabeth's family marches for blood and Herman decides to have the girl prosecuted for witchcraft, because of course you blame the bitch. She is tried by three branches - clergy, court and common folk - and it's a commoner who refuses to sign her death warrant, saying his name will not be a henchman's sword. Alas, Herman II talks Veronika into signing her life away anyway, on pain of protecting her people, who are in the way of the army. She asks not to be beheaded but drowned instead. Friderik, unable to stand up to his father like the little pussy he is, weeps and mourns his lover and gets thrown in a newly erected tower...
         And that's pretty much it. That is how Counts of Cilli end. Nobody reproduces anymore and Frid's kid dies a Habsburg lackey while Turks advance. Effectively, Herman II for all his aggression stands the last count of Cilli. Karma reigns supreme.