Sunday, 29 July 2018

Arrh, the heat wave is back. It sounds like a simple enough ordeal to weather through, if you're nicely indoors, in the dim lights, windows blind, two fans keeping you cool and nicely snotty, cool shower in the next room every 40 or so minutes ... But Real World beckons and I have to venture out in it again tomorrow morning ... At six, when I push the bike upstream-way to work, it's bliss. Early afternoon, when I just pedal a bit, letting the slight incline of the valley to the rest, in 100 degrees... It's not quite so much bliss. May last a few weeks. I'll either get used to it again, or I'll take sick. I was a little queasy yestereve, around seven, when I took the dog out for a walk. I start to shake and cry and cannot cool down no matter what I do. (A lasting present from my old ship heat-stroke incident, it would seem..) The General needs to put me in the bathtub and spend some time gently showering me from warm to cool, then I just fall asleep, batteries completely drained. It's funny, because if it's just sunny and dry, I am perfectly okay. It's the humidity and hot concrete in the evening that gets to me. And the idiotic fucking dog wants to go out while it's still bright, then realizes what she's done and needs to be dragged the entirety of the stroll.