Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Shoot by the river...

Barky, finding a soft spot on the expensive reflector cover :D

Had a rad shoot by the river yesterday, which was simultaneously awesome and awful. Awesome, because the light played well into my hopes, despite the weather, the glitter I bought turned out adorable, the mood was cool, even the crazy dog behaved. Awful, because we were at the part of the river where at times nudists bask, which in itself I don't mind, and the last time we were there to shoot people were very discreet. Alas, the guy who arrived now not only stayed very close but also began to beat the sausage rather blatantly. We tried to move, but then another showed up and when finally three naked men ame there to masturbate, one of the girls walked over and asked WTF, at which point they apologised and fled. Just like that. Sickening, really. And I'm a little bit ashamed for not having handled it more agressively. In all honestly I simply did not want to look, see or comprehend they were there. I just did my thing. Which was applying cold water and glitter onto the model :D