Tuesday, 13 April 2010

After two days of fighting and weeping, Piček's face has finally eased up. I can always tell when he's troubled and if I spend the entire day tryingt to cheer him up to no veil, well, then, fuck it. I have a right to feel bad, too.

The sex we had was pretty scary, tho. That was the worst orgasm I've ever had and by worst I mean so intense I thought I was going to have a fit. I really dislike those kind of orgasms, I like my small, controlled, clitoral ones, not the vast, general, tripple-stimulation, black-out-like ones... I know I had one like that before years back when a guy gave me good oral sex, but I didn't like it. Yesterday I was on top and it felt so good to sway in friction and then suddenly there was no feeling at all and then, a few seconds afterwards, it hit me like a truck from behind: everything in me spasemed; I gasped, yelped, shreeked and tears burst from my eyes - and this lasted MINUTES. Seriously, I can't even think of what it must have looked like to flail around and roll like an aligator in mid-kill.. Somewhere in the middle, in the panic, where I had to grab onto my sanity with all fours, I genuinely needed to struggle not to either pass out or vomit from hyperventilation or have a heart attack. Supposedly people think the more intense the orgasm, the better the sex, but no. Uh-uh. I like sex for sex, not just as a work-up for a climax. Small orgams keeps lots of the... "physical emotion" in. This one just stressed me freakless. 
            Course the General thinks it was pretty funny. He tried to make me come this morning as well, but no, thank you. I'm fine with just really good sex. I don't have to feel like someone's split my head open and ripped my brain out and then smacked it against the tiles for good measure.But it's good to know he feels good about himself again.