Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Such a pleasant day went by... After an eon - since we used to do it with dad when I was a kid and then later sometimes with dDaniel, when we had a few bucks in our pockets - I've ridden shotgun when cruising the countryside...  We were after the wildlife to see if deer have singled out before the hunting season starts and if we could find some rabbits. (Rabbits are rare in these parts). But mostly we just drove around and observed the rims of forests and fields steaming and unknown grounds, small roads and timeless villages... It is one of my favorite things, driving slowly through quaint dawn-time places... I feel like I'm advocating for entire humanity, watching this land's basic goings on...

I'm guessing a well-fed bit below 3-year old? His coat looks funny because it's shedding time. It's a decent specimen, but not listed for hunting. It's not his time yet :) And yes, I do need a better sports camera :D

We found this farm on top of one of the hills... A huge, incredibly beautiful complex of four large, traditional buildings (not so much land around), which makes me believe this must have belonged to someone noble once. Most farms around here are just one-family establishmens... This one was majestic.

Later on we couldn't find a parking spot on our own courtyard, so I decided to go see my parentals and it was so cool. Mum persuaded me to bake something and I made another one of her favored coffee cakes (though I did manage to place a cooling mould onto a molten cooker and burn the whole dough thingie.. Oups.) and first in the line of many rehearsals for my wedding cake... Which is cooling through the night and will be continued tomorrow. What I really need is some decent marzipan to make the orchids..