Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sometimes I thank my dreams for being very enterraining :D Like they knew I can't be bothered to go to the movies and they play weird interactive scenarios in my head instead. Needles to say, I can't get enough fo them :D

Some people, though. Yesterday, as parents are visiting Barania - a region of Croacia - and we're all dogsitting, we went to the park, along the river, to a hanging brigde a few miles of a neat hike. Except for the part where we are all so fat any lazy we anearly died, it was lovely. But there was a small incident regarding a disturbed woman, which picked on us (it is very popular lately to make a fuss about large dogs) because Tara, our Rottweiler, barked at her mut, how our dog doesn'tbelong in society and so on and so forth. I was ready to retaliate, but Dromedar tried reasoning with her, which only led for the woman to wait for us half a mile on, and continue accusing us of seing us very often and how our dogs are dangerous. It mattered little that our dogs are young and playful and how she's never met us in her life, as this was the first time we ever walked there. But no matter. She followed a little while further, yelling  how she knows people and will report us. We decided to ignore her as not to make things worse and moved at our own pace, the dogs enjoying the scenery and being curious about ducks. Of course 2o or so minutes later, we are whistled at by two intervention-unit police officers, which inform us they've been called no less than three times about how some lady was attacked by the rabid Rottweiler. The General tried calling me, but my phone was on silent, to make sis's boyfriend gain some distance, in case some daft old cop on a bad day would bug him about his prolonged stay in this country, but the two cops were young and, although unpleasant looking, they began to take our statement. As it turns out, no, our dogs were never off a leash, no, they are not rabid and not dangerous and no, we do not walk around every day intimidating innocent doggie-walkers like we were some attention-hungry junkies. Tara being Tara laid down and allowed herself to be petted on her tummy and as the cop tickled her snout to see what she'll do, she even raised her leg as to say 'yeah, right there, a little further down, oh, that's the spot.' Obvioustly they saw we did nothing wrong and dogs, albeit not trained yet, were delightful. They took our names, but when they got to sis's boyfriend, his name sounded foreign and they didn't even bother. Ultimately, one of the cops produced a cell-phone with a picture of HIS Rottweiler and we all parted buddies. I am sorry I didn't take the womans name. She stood a few hundret meters away, observing. I hope they mentioned that the next time she alarms the police with false accusations, there will be fines to pay. But really: some people.

It made me have a dog very much. My very own beast, something very nasty called Nefarion or something and I'm thinking a Jack Russel terrier. The General doesn't want to hear about it, of course, but ven though it makes me very sad, I can never tell if he says stuff like 'no and that's the end of it' because he's being a macho arsehole telling m what to do in my won flat like I'm some fucking infant he's schooling or because he's already made arranements and wants to surprice me with a puppy in a bow...

I have musclefieber :s I hate that, but what can you do. I'm getting old. My own father believes I'm 36 already. Arse :P