Monday, 5 April 2010

The other day, in the bathroom, obviously, I had one of those profound thoughts that people quote you for for the rest of your life. The kind you could write an entire book around, just so that it would get extracted and exploited again - the kind that makes you seem like you've just comprehended the meaning of universe. Not that I wrote it down or had less interesting things to do, before it fled me again. Now the grand quote is gone for good and all that remains in knowing there once was one, but fuck me sideways if I know what it was. And I move on.

Noblegarden was magnificent. Not just the Warcraft one, either. It was SO cute, the way the whole family came (plus or minus some ungrateful fucking inbred kids with table manners of elephant shit). Mum and dad worked overtime again, to prepare the most delicious food and I painted a truckload of eggies and the dogs helped :P There was a basket of chocolate goodies that I distributed all over the estate and the woods and then sketched a multiple of treasure maps and everyone, kid or adult, no matter how aloof initially, then ran around, looking for the Easter booty. Neighbours must have thought we were on shrooms, the way (estate is amphitheater shaped, so you can easily see where everyone is) we were running up and down, left and right and all around, poking vineyard poles and nutbushes. 

In between those two events, an interesting incident occured. For all my snarly take on the infants, it turns out I do have a maternal instinct after all. Who knew! I was listening to my music, going through town yesterday, and with the corner of my eye saw a small kid, maybe a year and a half old, fall off a small two-stair platform on the side of the promenade. There was no premeditation to it - the next thing i knew I was on my knees, stretched out to the end of my balance and my hand was opened just softly enough to catch the toddler's face before it hit the pavement. I even remember buffering the impact, so his nose took least and my knuckles the most damage. The way that whole maneuver was executed, shocked me. A ninja couldn't have done it better. And I don't even like kids. 

Goes to show you never can tell :P
Re-watching Tigerland (the most watched movie before I joined the army), I've fallen passionately for Bozz all over again, but then I saw one of the Criminal Minds and it reminded me of a stalker I used to have. I never found out who it was, probably someone from the family or someone pulling a tasteless prank, but a stalker none the less. They'd send me obscene letters, describing in detail how cute I am on baby pictures, how lovely I looked when accompanying gran to the graveyard, how bullets work on the body and so on and so forth. Not that bluffing didn't ruin the whole spooky intent (Me cute on baby pictures?! Are you fucking blind?) or that I wasn't flattered, but you can't really out-freak the really freaky. If anything, I scared the perv away. Ah, well.It was the thought that mattered.

Other than that... Not much. Am bored, so am gonna go sexually molest Piček, who finally has a whole day off and is sleeping like a small kitten amidst 5 pillows and three douvets. No way I can resist kissing him 57 times.! Am learning about pigment meanwhile, too, some very basic stuff. Very interesting. The whole synthetic/natural conflict is uncanny. Painting easter eggs has left my hands very telltale :D