Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Two days of lumberjacking. I feel like one of those people in adventure "tours", you know, where they need to save the day and it's okay, because they've had one whole session with an ancient master they met in the next dungeon cell.. I've been lumberjacking for two days. I'm practically a gladiator. 

The bitchy bit is, this is how they are supposed to split...
This is how they DO split:

But ultimately they just get manhandled. There's no way the General will lose a fight against a tree trunk.

Or of course his mother comes by and when she's not wrecking havoc with a chainsaw, she's whacking things with an axe of her own. Poor things don't stand the chance.No surprises she's the type to murder an ox with her bare hands. And she's humble about to, too...