Sunday, 18 April 2010

I've started working on the "Tree" book. It cheers me up as then I don't feel so much jerked off by printers and sponsors and so forth - people who stand between me and my publications.. I have no idea how it will turn out and like all new relationships, it makes me feel infantly alive :D

        Am watching Nurse Jackie during. By Gods what a cynical and cool portrait of New York... Makes me never ever want to be a nurse. Have no idea why my sis hates Peter Facinelli so, he's such a tard :D Mrs. Falco is brilliant, tho. It feels like this is the sort of a role every thesbian yearns to get once in a run. Pretty much up there with the super dude that palys the lead of Breaking bad...
        General's having his shooting testings done today (weather's a bicth) - loads of hunters gather and need to pass the score or are not granted the hunting licence for this year. I went to the rehearsal with him and his friend and had an excellent time playing a spotter. Got to fire one shot, with a falty bullet. Oh, yeah. I am still the badass of the old west :p Boys got nothing on me 8)
         Setting the guns to work just right for someone is almost as professional as then secretly, when everyone is done for the day and goes to study the targets, screwing them back out of aim. What can I tell you. I am way pro life. It's my dirty little secret.
         He's still not budging about letting me have a puppy. I don't think he understands: even if we did live on an estate, I'd still play with the thing indoors and treat it as way more than a functional subject. The fact that I truly love how it's just teh two of us has nothing to do with it either. There is no telling I wouldn't love it even more if it was the three of us. Puppy would get my piggy (hot watter thingie.) and a corner we cleared..