Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I don't really watch the news - the closest I get is watching the SNL comments on the news comments, but apparently some vulcano has blown up and Bjork is popular again for it. Airlines are going on and on about having financial loses, as if they were the worst off ever. Hey - my monthly taxes have gone up 5o euro - that's 3o% and nobody mentioned a thing. That's quite a blow for starting small firm owners. And nobody cares.

Off to chop wood again. I need my primal lumberjack workout. I love this weather, the sun getting up SO early and air being so clean and fresh and then the tricky sunshine, slowly and gradually blocked by the clowds and the afternoon storms... So passionate. Also, Zemotion has some new pickies out. That always does the Goblin Jumper Cables on me. 

Someone on some show on some channel said primates may have began to walk upright also to snow the male assets to the mating females. Makes SO much sense. The entire species evolving so that men can flail their prunes in front of hotties. I've been wondering about men last night. Commandos. (We still love Bear :D And his team. You've got to admire professionals who are willing to follow someone with a mind of a 4 years old and no sense of self-preservation at all.) Why is it that male ego can undego any kind of abnormal traning/torture, as long as promised to be able to do the worst things in return? They only train killers so profusely. Not rescuers or even law enforcers. Just men who'll get to blow shit up and shoot others. Usually civilians. Intresting, isn't it? The most elite physical  professionals and all they can do is quality harm.  

Can't get enough of Nurse Jackie. I've noticed quite a feminist undertones of the latest week's shows: the lady presidents taking a deep breath and a massive leap in 24, Ugll Betty becoming just Betty in the show's finale and Jackie... well.. The first episode of the second season kind of starts with someone firing a gun in the catholic hospital, sending a bullet pass Jackie into the statue of Virgin Mary and she yells: "She's a mother!!" LoL.

Interesting, concerning Piček, is how he is quite religiously.... religious.. but he despises popes. Odd, that. He has a profound loyalty for God and respect for his parents' beliefs, but popes he deems men who pretend to be gods and by 'men' he meas the worst of mankind - greed and pathological need to be thought better than others being just the tip of the berg. Kings, though, we are both okay with. They are such unfortunate clowns, so punished for their place among commoners already, you really cannot add salt to their wounds.  People always think being a king is so magnificent as you get to have a lot of sex and parade around in very pretty outfits, but come on. That's the famous paintors' propaganda. Kings like this exist only in museums... and England. Real royalty was more like that depicted in movies like Queen Margot and Elisabeth. They were like cancer cores of political fevers.