Monday, 26 April 2010

This road

You know the roads that make you wanna grab a bag and an apple and old walking shoes and just take off until the weather turns? The sort that promises the good kind of blisters and timeless scenes of country life and memories of landscape that is like heaven, only green? Road where there throd horses and tractors and vaggons and cart and rogue seeds of wheat, corn and sunflowers attempted to grow, but were walked over? The type of a road that has nothing to prove and is older than the infamous Roman highways?The kind that leads nowhere and takes you everywhere where your senses always needed to be?
                This is the kind of a road. 

The toddlers are visiting, finally. Toni is snoring gently on the sofa and the triplets are trying not to make a ruckus, making themselves amults out of carton. I gave them the book about the making of Henson's Dark Crystal, so they are in dire need of magical amulets. Myself, personally, yearn to take my imaginary dawgie and my camera and just leave this world for a few hours and go down the road until they notice I'm gone. It's just one of those days :D