Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Went to the dermathologist finally today, expecting, dunno what, something dramatic (I prepared the whole history in two page detail, too. Hey, I take my House very seriously! :P), but the cocky 'hottest babe on the ward' doctor took one look and asked one question and diagnosed me with Psoriasis Inversa, which is the most boring of them all. I didn't even get any lotions for it, since I managed to deminish my symptoms completely by now. Some lepper I am.. :s At least Piček has the one where your fingernails get all pricky bubbly, like tiny filigree and it makes his beautiful fingernails look even more impressive. Mine is completely boring. And I have such a thing for constant illnesses. Ah, well. Maybe if I invest more into being a nervous wreck, my skin will fall off and I'll have to go out only at night and wear lots of powder like a Kabuki ghoul. :P