Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Another surprisingly cool day. Cool in a good way, not as if nutcracking cold.. Though i do have to *admire* the organizers, after they said they will fix the low electricity wiring problem: they solved it by sending us notices saying we may only use the power for either lighting OR heating the huts. Bri-fucking-lliant. Seriously.
              I persuaded a handsome man to pose for me, may even have found my Aranna for the cover of the short stories, though the weather would have to pick up for me to take naked pictures of a Cromagnon inventor of culture, dressed in clay and blood-look-alike. I also met an interesting man, an encyclopedia of botany and archeology. If he makes contact, I'll drag him out to lunch, continuing my pursuit of the rubber oak (Quercus Crenata), a tricky tree that's going extinct in my country...
             And I finished the cap for mum :))
              All in all a cool day indeed :))