Monday, 20 December 2010

I think I have a cold in my bum. Dunno, my gut hurts and I can't think of another season, because it doesn't usually do that. I'm thinking I caught a cold somewhere in the spare tire region. Then again, yesterday the General brought me raspberry tea that I like (one can only drink so many coffees..) in a thermos and yummy, fatty, right-on-the spot for this weather sandwiches and my Piggy - the hot water sack in the plush toy, which is the warmest, cushiest thing ever and it kept me warm thorough the workday. It was probably  a wee bit because in the morning we had a bit of a clash when he bit my bum until I climbed the new bed but could not climb back down (not as easy without a decent ladder and monkey I B not!!) and got scared and he got nervous and dog got noisy, so it all became one huge tangle of fighting, yelling, crying, misunderstandings and barking at 6am, that lasted whole three minutes but once again proved I am not the bravest button in the jar. - something that always kind of catches him unprepared. There are three things I rather don't do and risk getting my arms broken tends to be one of them. Haha, but once the whole commotion was over, he was so funny. He grumbled: "Next time I should just punch you first and get you down without your need to explain why you refuse to come down. (Switched to the tenderest little voice:) Honey? Honey? What's the happs my wee bun, did you hit your little head-y on the shelf-y? Was it nappy time-y?... (Back to grumpy voice:) It certainly would have been less time consuming." Silly bucket. The things we experience in our own living room, for Pete's sakes. You'd think we were climbing trees in the Amazon :PP
          The dog tore up a small plush beagle and ate the entire sum of tiny plastic beads that the toy was made of - she's shitting construction material again. I suppose my tummy ache is simply her projection. It woke me up in the middle of the night, but afterwards, I spent a couple of hours in a sublime Burmese brothel where they had all these clear blue water shows and reading courses and it was just the coolest place ever. I spent about an hour fixing the elevator and with all the people coming and going: teenage triplets, old horny men, moonlight doctors, primma donna street performers, old madams, jealous wives, pipe workers that took their breaks one floor up, artisans fixing the old temple railing... The rain. And the snakes. If I delve back into it, I think I may bring back enough memories for the short story. So far I am down to eight, but I don't think all would carry the proverbial water. (Also, I got to the part in Bleach that is about young Urahara, but I dare not watch it yet. At this point that man, regarding my fictional inner turmoil, is the centerfold. I need to keep the stories variable. Him, he can wait in between my Reality and my professional fiction. The in-check-keeper. He's good at that sort of thing. It's what I have him for in all the longer fiction stories.)
           Other than that I have to to go Maribor again and this time no Drej's novel to read :( It's become such a routine after only once, I miss it already. I think I'll take the knitting. I should probably hurry with the gifts. It's Christmas time.