Thursday, 2 December 2010

I have been running around like I'm auditioning for Santa. Yesterday I made so many cookies and decorations, I nigh passed out on the doorstep when I got home and had to be rolled to the bed, with the passed out dog as a pillow :P  But the walk down in the nightly forest, knee-deep in snow, total silence and total brilliance of city lights - it was magical. (Though it also kind of inspired me to update my post-apocaliptical nuclear-winter story.)
      Today I am beggining to knit my second cap :D Am in the zone :)))
      Have watched Despicable me, a really cool cartoon with a villain-wanna-be that kind of looks like Arnold Vosloo in three super adorable girl orphans (and a couple of super adorable geek minions), which kind of cheered me up more than my zombie movies do... Go figure. Just in case, being hormonal as a bucket of tampons, I am hugging my bucket of cocoa machiatto and knitting bookmarkers, watching Raising Hope.