Sunday, 19 December 2010

The fair began! Am butt tired, oddly enough, though other than sitting on the heater Turkish-style and freezing my proverbial testicles off, there really isn't anything strenuous to do. Basically it's just the super cute festive season, super cute little green cottage, a bunch of friends, cool chats, cool tea and coffee and cookies, even some selling to be done. Alas (it's 2am and it's -17°C now...) it can get so cold one could eat forty pancakes and still lose weight from trying to keep warm. I'm wearing so much practical clothing that even when I am wearing sexy lingerie, there's still thing-high wool army socks and an ugly fat winter undershirt underneath it :P

Though I did feel so good at some point (selling my first card to the pair of rich Russians! :D) that I actually wrote a poem  :D  It's crappy, of course, Keats me be not, but it's the principle of the thing!! :P