Sunday, 12 December 2010

I finally figured it out: about a month ago somebody posted on the Facebook wall, if we could be anybody, anybody at all, who would we be for 24 hr..? Seriously, there wasn't a single thing I would want to be other than myself. But what sort of imagination am I supposed to have if I am not able to answer such a foolish inquiry? 
         So I got creative... Certainly not God. He has too many problems. Cleopatra, maybe, on one of her glorious days. Or Hadrian. Or Aristotle, staring up at the Greek night sky... But all these are just romantic, I doubt that within their heads, I would find anything so overwhelming that such an opportunity would have me fully satisfied. I needed to go deeper. Marie Antoinette, maybe, or Anne Boleyn... Or Gandalf. I wouldn't want to be someone really evil or destructive, because they don't really have much fun and are often quite in pain during. I wouldn't want to be anyone nervous, or unhappy. Perhaps a Geisha, but just one day might have been boring. Who, who indeed, so that I would live a life entirely like the one I have now - and better?
      It was a conundrum to say the least. The worst of  riddles. 
But I am hyper hormonal and have been reading a shitload of my own porn and then it finally hit me: if i could be ANYONE, anyone at all, I would only want to be the girlfriend of Urahara Kisuke on a very happy day - on a day we have sex at least five times, we bake at least ten cakes and we save the world at least twice. It's not just the man I can't get enough of, cause him I never could, but also the world he represents. That was the question in the first place, wasn't it? It wasn't about the costume, it was about the sensation and I have all  the sensations I want in this life, so this is the only choice I could come up with that would be exactly like my life, only really really high-lit.