Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Have downloaded the entire 300 episodes of Bleach.. again. It was like solving some gorram mystery, considering they are all over the place and the arcs are entirely unrelated to the chapters, so following them as a whole is a mess. It inspired me to try and paint a comic book, though of course I am nowhere near disciplined enough to do anything of the sort. Perhaps a very small one? As a homework thingie? I like homeworks. I always steal other people's ideas for them. Drejč needed to write a letter-short-story for her recent task. Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to do that one... My entire first marriage was one long necklace of tiny letter-short-stories, each more desperate and pathetic than the next and then the suicide note. And then the sms after-suicide, saying simply: Amazing. 
        That should have been the end of that, no?
       Anyways, not that I even now understand what a Shinigami is (alive? dead? Twice dead? In the inbetween?), I am somehow warm inside from thinking they are around us and have been neglecting my glorious 'story shepherd' way too long to boot. It should keep me happy for the next four days, while I gather the goodies for the fair. No idea how I feel about that either. I suppose I should be optimistic, but I'm too old to be an optimist. Heck, I'm too old to be an anarchist communist. I'll just remain a fantasist, then, and leave the dog to bark at falling snowflakes. 
       The day outside is more brilliant than I've had in a week, but it is too ridiculously cold for me to consider taking the advantage of it and go for a stroll. No fucking way. 
        My three remaining tasks for this year (the year, that, of course for me ends at March 11th), are: publishing of at least one of the damn books that have been burning my fingertips with neglect for the past three quarters of a year..., making money with the photographs (certainly a summer profession), getting the rooms rented and... okay, perhaps not learning to multitask but certainly learning how to keep a schedule. Winter writing and editing and drawing, summer photographing, traveling and inventing?... 
       Hehe, yeah, right. Like I posses the ounce of that sort of discipline.
       I am the ranger of chaos. You don't believe me, just read this blog :P