Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Today I explained the Florence Nightingale story to the General for the fourth time. He always listens, because he can tell how much I like it. And then he always explains about the battles. And then he pats my head and says 'Thank you for telling me this story for the fourth time.' I love my Popikoki. 
          Like a she-wolf, I am all about the basic animal needs these days: food, sleep and sex. Those pills are like Viagra made love to heroine. But on the other hand I had a terrible urge to watch Shawshank redemption and BBC's The Beauty of Diagrams. diagrams are very pretty. I've made two today. 
          It's something around minus ten and it gets so friggin chilling that my bone-marrow starts to hurt. People don't even stop by the huts, they just glance around for things they need and hurry on. Ironically, it is super sunny :D
        Here are some pickies of the last few... weeks. There are also those I haven't taken. May take them soon, tho :))

 This is actually a really really good Pear & Caramel chocolate I found quite incidentally. And this is during X-mas season, so it's not that I'm utterly sugar-underfed...

 This was one of the more gloomy, dreary selling days :s

 X-mass yummies and party moods :))

 Our merch :D The sievey Bombilla straws :D Such a shame I don't dig tea :p

 This was the racqlet diner at Drey's - potatoes with melted cheese and dipping. Sup-ficking-erb.

 Starbark eating all the sparks :D

Today: sunny and cold like you wouldn't believe.