Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fair no more :((

The year is about to end and all I can think about is - the fair will momentarily be no more!! It's been such a ludicrous and wild event, this - this standing frozen still while the streets were going up and down before you in rapid current. The knitting and the chatting and the flirting (not in a sexual - in a 'oh, hey, you look like an artist, too' :D )kind of a way, and the coffees and the cookies and all the food that other hut proprietors have been bringing and the yummies we brought to them!...  Annoying fucking kids that i was throwing candy wrappers at, dudes with pitbulls called Junkie, travelers, foreigners, expats, thieves, drunks, gypsy soothsayers, friends, FB friends, long lost friends, all stopping to chat, at times for hours on end! We sold some stuff (though in the end not so much as to buy the Bjorn Borg undies for my favorite bum!!!) :'( and tomorrow all those chairs we sat on, huddling around the radiator like wet pigeons, and the impro tables and the artwork and the lightwork.... will be disassembled and taken back to the real world to serve.. :( This was such an odd experience. I don't think I've been this surrounded by people since my little yellow moped days. There were also hot dogs for 4 euros a piece! You don't see that every day. And I was read a love drama to, and I teased little virgin Christian boys into blushing like tomatoes. Lyra was the star of the show - everybody wanted to walk her, because she's just the coolest mutt ever :D I wonder how many tiny paper nails will be under the hut once it's torn down... Ah, I feel like it's the last day of circus in town. Tomorrow, all that will be left, will be the vague stains on the cobblestones, marking where the hutties used to be...