Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I love waking up at 4:3o, because I can play WoW for hours, eat (it's not food if it's before 6), see a movie, walk the dog, hang the laundry, wash the dishes and then dirty them up again by making the second coffee and decide what I wanna do during the job-hours: knit, write, read or make funny faces at the costumers - and it's EIGHT am when I am done. It's like a whole new dimension of living a night life :P
            Besides, I can't get enough of Zack Gili...f.... fuck it, I rehearsed it out of respect for the actor, but there's just no way.... anyway, the homeless professor/Santa on dope guy - the one that appears in most scenes in Hangover alongside Bradley Cooper, who is like the handsomest male human I can think of from the top of the head, and still nobody looks at Bradley Cooper. The 'are you ready to let the dogs out' and then 'My flag boy and your flag boy, sitting by the fire' scenes are eye-widening, and that's even before you see him in Due date or SNL. That monologue tops even Taylor Swift's one.... okay, I can't believe I just compared the two. Shame on me. Shame. Shame.