Wednesday, 12 October 2011

All grown up

We saw the Avengers first trailer last night and is it just me, or is our little lost Loki all grown up and hot? Certainly, I am far more turned on by his father (The biological Yotun one, not the false Asgardian one) - suck me, but do I have a thing for the underdog... In the long black wig, so tall and mean looking?... I'm telling you, being thrown out of heaven was a much needed make-over. Even if there's this "Left as a sex toy to a bunch of Uruk Hai in Middle Earth for a little too long" patina over him in the new movie, he retains the starved little face with the too-large eyes and too many small teeth.. Watching him in Wallander, where he looks EXACTLY as Tom Wood did in The Fugitive, I can't but think - they grow up so fast. Next thing you know he'll be left in a gym overnight and then a regular in action and comedy movies. (The Hiddleston boy, not the trixter character.)