Monday, 10 October 2011

The weekend: #1 part: Friday

I picked up the 580 Speedlight thingie from the rent shop today and felt like a royal idiot, because I honestly never used a non-inbuilt flash before, and very rarely the one on Porky, as in the time-honored tradition of cheap flashes, it would burn the foreground into a blazing white and leave the background in the pitch black void... Of course I had no opportunity to test it, because I haven't been able to buy its batteries due to traffic jamps, but.. long story short, as soon as the General left, weary and sick of the large city with it's arsehole traffic and expensive... everything, my instinct, as predictable as a clock, to just go home, get out, go after him, curl up and hide in the bed, kicked in. 
BUT. As soon as I put the strobe thingie on, took a single shot, all my hopes to find this asset pointless, evaporated. This strobe little machine is awesome. It is EXACTLY what I've been missing, damn it, so used to pushing the Mark in such terrible darkness.... I have no idea just yet how it will function in sync my photoshop routine, but for the "shiny happy wedding peeps" it should do perfect. Funny, I am so happy about this. It did push the 580 so far up my wishlist it's not even funny anymore, considering I can't even begin to afford it, but I want it. I want it. I will learn so much about it in these next two days I will prove to Santa I deserve it :D

It is SO weird, being the official photographer someplace... You move through the place as if the doors and doormen do not exist.. You get free drinks and T-shirts and wardrobe and places you can sit or stand... You get the shiny bracelets that distinguish you from the regular crowd. I haven’t gotten the hand stamp in my entire life. And there's music!... You know how I cannot understand music and always find it noisy and distracting. Well, sometimes, on concerts, it makes such sense. Even to me. Especially to me. It falls into place and becomes a story, powering me up, making me feel warm and not sleepy. Makes me want to dance. Makes me want to capture the songs with photographs, capture the light, freze the mood of players and their focused roadies. I like roadies. Art is only possible if you got the techincalities out of the way and in photography you have to be a technitian first and an artist last. 
But then of course the show is about to start and it gets noisy again and crowded, smoky and strange and I get the urge to leave again. Things to me are only fascinating before the step from behind the curtain and into the violent sheen.