Saturday, 22 October 2011

Illyria Starbark, the graduated Beagle buhtl 8)

So proud :D Starbarky for a change got so confused during the PNZ hunting exam today, that she did everything PERFECTLY!!! (PNZ is sort of TNB = Test of naturally given basics - to see if she has her breed's instincts or not.) She didn't even blink when they were firing guns around her, she went into the woods (although she kind of needed encouragement from another lady Beagle to go very far the first minute), she barked with all her might when she found and chased the trail and then, after 20 minutes she came sprinting after the hunting party, straight to the General, to get her reaward :D  She is now proudly sitting on her throne and tomorrow we are going to go hunting for real :D Finally she'll be able to meet other cool doggies and chase with them around the forests like she was born to do! :D Can't tell you how excited she is :D Almost as much as me! The General, on the other hand, is super tired. Haha, he will never admit how nervous he was :)))) Why don't people ever believe me when I say we have the perfect mut?? :D