Monday, 3 October 2011

Vine harvest, post festum :D

Soooo.... Saturday passed in heavy duty menial labor. It was fun, the weather was perfect, people were excellent and well, food was majestic, but after we ate we all kind of passed out. Wrist, knees, shoulders may take a few more days to regain motorics, but from what I hear, dad got 500l of his best vine and there is just one good day of work left. Washing up the workplace, my elder brother was dancing to some crazy old Irish band, dogs were so full they kept keeling over and pretty much everyone was in a good mood - post festum. When the worst was over, peope were still happy.

 Season of teas is upon us...
 Preparation food :D

 Dawn of the work day.

my Over Mura Moving Cake and my dad's Bograč

 And the post festum :)