Monday, 10 October 2011

The weekend #3 part: Saturday evening

 I love the material I've gathered, I think it will be great, even though it was a lot more tradicional than initially intended - we kept wanting to have a zombie wedding and backscene parents 
cake fight while the unaware couple has no idea and stares lovingly into eachother's eyes.... :D 
But in all the chaos, we just did the safe, usual, lovely shots, group and otherwise. There should be 
more than enough for two wedding books, one for the couple, one for everybody else. I think. But 
certainly enough for a wedding impression. And a video of a friendly band playing a Bon Jovi song. 
My accommodation wasn't arranged, but that in some small sense is a blessing in disguise, as now I can opt for going home and sleeping with my babe, instead of in another strangers' bed - cold and empty as a bed away from home can be. Even if I WERE young, pretty and single, it would not appeal to me the thought of pursuing a one night stand with one of these people. Harmless as they may be, I am like an alien among them. We just wouldn't be compatible. I have looked in none of their eyes, I remembered none of their faces. 'Twas not my job here. ;) I photographed food, dances, toasts, more food and occasional humiliation act, played very lightly 
on one of the ceremony participants (her best man must sing and do rooster noises to buy back the 
wedding boukette that's been stolen.) personally at this moment I am hiding, tired and uninvited, 
waiting for the boukett toss and the cake slicing :D Though, quite frankly, I cannot quess what people 
will be doing for another four hours to last this long. It's now a bit pass eight, the fun stuff is at 
midnight... It is very, very wise on my side to always come supplied with Red Bull. Otherwise it might 
have been very tragic - I am, after all, penyless and very far away from home.