Saturday, 15 October 2011

LoL, just had this really, REALLY weird wet dream about being in the movie Labyrinth. Like - how?! When?!
        Akin to all the girls at that time of it's release, I was madly in lust for David Bowie's pale, anorexic, icy evil yet "shut the fuck up and kiss me already" teasy performance and in the dream I must have been Sara's older sister or something, because I could see the famous ballroom scene going on somewhere from my tower balcony. A trixter like Loki, Jareth could dance with sara AND be in this bedroom at the same time and I would say: I want to see you without the garments in a very convincing and disarming voice and he would get naked. Not sure how I did the same, but then we started having sex. I can distinctly remember admiring his hair-do in close detail during and his kisses tasted like reading an old book. I was cold, too. Everything was very unpleasant and very pleasant at the same time... Could have murderd the fucking dog for waking me up prematurely, but then it was seven a.m. (I slept late because I worked on the photos until almost two) and she wanted her breakfast. For a couple of seconds I just shivered, struck, in my bed, still feeling the weight of a cold white chest on my breasts. Seriously, I feel like my dreams are on LSD lately.

I blame the American Horror Story. That show is just too messed up.