Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Julija shoot

I had a shoot today, again on a meadow, but it was a different meadow than the one we shot on in the summer... SO much grass! :D Sure, same geographic location, but a totally different vibe. And a different dog :)) Starbark stayed at home this time, because she's in her bitchy mood lately and having only the model, no assistant, i didn't want to spent the morning fishing her off people's hair. But the Ridgeback girl was rather lovely. She certainly could run around and spray the dew. She reminds me of Rottweilers. If brought up properly, they're such cool dawgs :)
         Anyhoo, Julija - and this name was for ever tainted by Cowboy Bebop for me, yes, I know - was in a nutshell: fresh, radiant and shy. probably exactly what I needed this morning. Not sure why I am so stressed - perhaps because winter is coming and I will need to switch into the books mode again, but if the General takes over my books deals and I can stay on the wintery photties, then fresh, radiant and shy is exactly what I'm feeling in my work... Something about the light that's just so crisp and chilling. The sharp white light. I will miss the human skin, though. Took me ages to understand what skin and sun do for an alive photo :)

Here are some of the first impressions :) In a hurry. Now I got to run, see a dance studio for a potencial set...

Check out the ladybug :))