Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tv shows and otherwise updates...

Ah, yes, as my live merrily rumbles on, the weather has gotten bitch cold and gray gray winter is upon us. I can tell, because I've been delving a lot more heartily into literature than I have into photography. Probably a fault, as for once my photography is the breadbringer of the week. But then again things change so quickly around here, I may probably wake up two more times and find myself running for election. 

Gloomy Saturday was the day Barky got her hunting licence and the bleak and drizzly Sunday was when we had our first hunt. It was a perfect hunt. (Perfect especially in a sense that 23 hunters and 12 dogs caught absolutely zero game. My deal with Old Lord Herne remains solid.) But oh how I love the communal hunting. I wasn't entirelly dressed for it, catching a bit of a cold, only a bit, but the way it was, all the things we saw and how well the trek did me, was very worth the wait for the mut to be ready. Barky performed flawlessly - she searched, sniffed, stayed close, didn't fight, ran around and pursued various random wood things until she learned how to differ between what's to waste strength upon and what not. LoL, only creeks still pose a problem, for both of us. None of us really wants to get our tooshies wet. 

The Monday was a funeral day - General's grandma passed on, so we stayed with the urn for the better part of the day, then I stayed in the car while there was a religious service and then we had to go eat and talk nice about the old lady. It was good to hear the stories, it's what makes me think that now she's in the Catholic heaven with the people she loved, dressing up as she liked and being young and vital as she was in her wit before old age put thick blankets over her, as it does us all. It lasted for almost ten hours and as we got home at seven, I just sent some photos of the Spa commission and crawled into bed.

Early in the morning of course I already had the answer on the photos waiting, being told that clearly I've stopped bothering with them and asked if this is the product I wish to see myself be known for. Honestly, I did not bother to reply, I simply mentioned I bothered with then plenty, as they can see all the background has been edited and the like, and are there now any other excuses on the their part left not to pay me still? I will always find it funny how you show something you can do to the client, and they like it, but when you say this is what you get it you pay me my fee, but after they pay me just a tiny fee and I deliver the basic outcome, they get so mortally insulted. That's not what we asked for! No. This is what you paid for. Decent, dull product. You want all my skill, you don't treat me like some half-blind village snapshot reporter. I was willing to go all the way until they began insulting me. After that, sorry, I owe you no kindness, only a professional measure of what has been agreed upon.

But. Not all is gloomy and bleak on this fine Tuesday - I also woke up to find several new stuff to download and that always makes my coffee taste so much better. Recently I've been watching Homeland and Boss as serious stuff, Person of Interest and Mentalist as fun procedurals, Hart of Dixie just because I like it so much, even if  nobody else does, Castle, House and Dexter as ongoing classics and - lo and behod - a very pleasant surprise in the form of Once Upon a Time pilot...

For a little while I was afraid this will be another attempt at Game of Thrones for viewers with weaker stomachs, done by the people who hoped nobody remembers the Tenth Kingdom, HOWEVER... And I don't particularly enjoy watching any female lead from House in movies (Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens is just painful to watch.), but Mrs. Morrison is kind of very cool here. She does look a little bit older than 28, but only a little. Given she's had a hard, cold life as story goes. And she's very cool as a tough, way-too-both-feet-on-the-ground would-be savior of all magic kingdoms. Not as strong as the kid (what is it about nerdy kids that is just so awesome to watch on TV?) or the evil Queen/Major, or the funny shape of Snow White's ears, who is simply beyond adorable, as a teacher AND as a girl that brings flowers to comatose strangers in the hospital... Plus any show with Robert Carlyle is worth giving at least two chances.

Like I said, and say again, I am really looking forward to more of these characters. Nobody is denying that Boss is not an awesome piece of television, but for some reasons, oh, I dunno, it's really fucking depressing to watch and it does nothing for my sense of needing a hug. Once Upon A Time, however, makes me want to pick up my old dust-cowered sword, have sex with the sheriff and maybe the evil queen, too, and rescue some dragon or something.... 

I know. I usually miss the whole point of fairy tales. I know. I grew up with all the odd priorities :)) :P