Sunday, 29 January 2012

From "Baker on Judgement day", musings of a paper pagan about Murphy:)

The truth is… [Paper] Pagans have always avoided dreams, because – although, ironically, employed by the Dream king to protect stories – Pagans are supposed to believe in all the things substantial. That includes stories. As Heritage. Not hearsay. A story needs the vessels to preserve itself and whereas dreams are an endless supply of ideas and fiction, they are also the entirely without dimensions. Not even their timing is real. Upon waking, not a single evidence of them remains, not even reliable memory. As much gratitude and loyalty as pagans owe and pay their Oneiric patron, they never really liked him. If faced with impossible decisions, Pagans would chose to do what they can in the real world without him as opposed to going into the dreaming to read there. Any number of books they could open in those libraries would ultimately prove, in fact, empty.