Friday, 6 January 2012

Well, since the start of this year I’ve been working very avidly (read: disciplined…-ly) on my new, travel book about places to see and stuff to do there and other serious shit regarding my pretty country:)) I try to enweave all kinds of lore among the instructions and plenty of the stuff I write about one way or another crosses swords with a historical character with a cool name. Korvin. His dad’s campaign inspired the last prince of Cilli – once a vast realm, now my home town – to be assassinated and a cute little happy story about a king under the mountain seems to be inspired by him. Not much of this would really captivate me, because if anything I’ve read about all kinds of kings aplenty, but this dude actually managed to start a very powerful library. He even seemed to have his very own Aal.

On the hormones pills again, I am so horny I find fairly much everything arousing. Watching hentai and Dirty Dancing doesn’t help. Oh, look, a hot king of old, horny. Oh, young Patrick Swayze half naked! Horny! Oh, look, my husband’s home, horny. Oh, look, dog! Horny. Look – air! Horny!!  So you can imagine what my short story – the ones I write on a side track to went - about the Hungarian warlord is like. There’s a little bit about Budapest in there, some mention of Doboš cakes and lots and lots and lots of……
    Am impressed I got into a haiku writing duel with Drej and didn’t mention sex once. Not even in a lyrical way. Off to have coffee&cake now with the homies, and I’ve also managed to shoot a photo of the General beard-less! Go me :D But now I’m … again … :s  Hopeless.