Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I hate movies that are produced by environmentalists. They are all so fucking stupid. There's a new one out about too much light and of course it's putting everything – the cities and the non-cities into the same bucket of light-polluted end-of-days bullshit… A movie clearly made by people who have a) never spent a single day in their existence without seeing false light and b) probably never even been to anywhere but L.A. or New York or Vegas. I will never understand what these idiots are trying to achieve – make us lament a planet that was never particularly friendly to begin with and feel bad about out ten minutes of evolution that we are being tolerated within? Trying to convince us that we should exist as cavemen? Certainly – if that served a single purpose at all? And what would happen, if we all went back into the caves? We would, within a year, eat everything that this planet has to offer and then drown in shit that we cannot manage. There have been times that all this that they so vehemently preach against was indeed a lifestyle – it’s called post-world wars periods. Go see how fucking the planet was when there was no way to maintain us. Or would they just prefer to see us all gone already? Don’t worry; we’ll be gone soon enough. And then there will be no more climate changes, air pollution, species extinction, because our planet just doesn’t roll like that. Before we came this world was made of silver crystal and unicorns.