Sunday, 1 January 2012

Intermezzo: the pretty pretty lights :D

 Yesterday was one of those perfect days. (Followed by an almost perfect today, except there's no snow and General has a cold :))
           In the morning - sky clear as a painting, frost making everything crunchy and paleand picturesque - Drej and our crazy bitches walked an unusually long walk, playing in the vast fields and getting ourselves tired for the afternoon nap (needed, because the night was going to be long.) She and her pack offed to a snowy land and I sent out about 40 greetings while the boys played Warcraft, slurping honeyed - everything.
            The supper was such a cool last meal of the year. We talked about amateur astronomy almost as much as me and twice as avidly, so the conversations never halted. The food was another happy event in the long line of holiday culinary overkills and another Radler went down, my third in a lifetime so far. It certainly does get me blinking, as I am so unused to alcohol even holding the tin envokes giddyness :))) General made his sublime pork slices in onion sauce with melted cheese and we made rice and pumpkins and chinese salad and suchlike... The trick was not to eat everything, as it was vital we don't pass out. A few Fererro Rocheres might have suffered for the lack of dessert.
            We drove to Ljubljana - General, Junior, and me, and oddly enough even found a parking in smack center. Considering roads to there were clear and almost all of the country's population seemed to be roaming the streets, that was lucky. The crowds felt like a massive riot. Fortunately, it was a happy crowd. Drunk, stoned, high on music (Nothing beats Jan Plestenjak live and yes I am being grosely sarcastic), tourists times ten thousands and everyone in between. We circled the pretty bridges and would wait for the gala fireworks in the main square, but by then it was already so foggy, nothing much happened by comparisson. Pity the General hates crowds - I seem to sink in them and thrive. Really - nothing regarding people makes me feel so social as a grinding flood of civilians spilling and twirling about brightly lit old town streets. I could have stayed the night, but I'm too old and lazy :)) We drove back, tired and happy, and passed out. :D